SPLOST 2021 Water & Sewer/Storm Drainage Projects

These are the approved Water & Sewer/Storm Drainage projects to be funded by SPLOST 2021.

Breakdown of Projects

$ 0
Joint Water & Sewer Commission
$ 0
City of Brunswick
$ 0
Glynn County

Brunswick-Glynn Joint Water & Sewer Commission Projects

CIPP Gravity Sewers

Trenchless repair of gravity sewers on both Mainland and SSI to reduce pipe failures.

Budget: $1,750,000

Dunbar Creek WPCF Rehab

Rehab to Dunbar Creek Water Pollution Control Facility

Budget: $3,250,000

Arco Area Service Extension

Extension of water and sewer systems to Arco area between 5th Street to the Knight Industrial Park.

Budget: $3,500,000

Community Road Area Service Extension

Extension of water and sewer systems along Community Road between Altama Avenue and Habersham Street.

Budget: $2,500,000

Replacement of leaking transite water mains to improve pressure and fire flows.

Budget: $1,500,000

City of Brunswick Projects

Purchase of new or replacement equipment for Public Works Department to provide necessary equipment to support the necessary maintenance duties encountered throughout the City.

Budget: $600,000

Glynn County Projects

Poor drainage creates substantial flooding that creates unpassable conditions and rapid road deterioration. This project reduces maintenance costs for county constantly repairing roads and will help passage of pedestrian (students walking to school) and cars when it rains.

Budget: $1,300,000

This project replaces undersized culvert at Perry Lane west of George Lane increasing drainage capacity to improve safety. Perry Lane is a major connector between Hwy 341 and Spur 25. This project will help improve safety on this road to meet current future growth.

Budget: $1,500,000

Transite Water Main Replacements

This is a continuation of the SPLOST 2016 project that is designed to address drainage capacity preventing backups and draining quicker. This project is designed and permitted ready to go. Most of the work will take place down Butler Ave down to the ocean. SSI Village is one of the most popular tourist destinations. In the past, summer showers left standing water throughout the village. This will eliminate that and help keep village cleaner reducing upkeep costs. 

Budget: $1,000,000