Why Support OneGlynn?

Read below from Glynn County citizens why you should vote YES for SPLOST 2021 on March 16, 2021.

Letter of Support from the Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce.

Signed Jekyll Island Resolution of Support.

Letter to the Editor in support from the Brunswick-Glynn Joint Water & Sewer Commission

“This referendum is about plain, common sense. We are talking about the SPLOST generating $68.5 million over three years with close to $35 million of that total coming from people who shop and visit here. It's like a matching gift.”

Mike Haugen, Businessman

“The benefits of a special local option sales tax are evident throughout Glynn County. If you’re old enough to know that every penny counts, then you’re wise enough to realize the positive impact it’s had on our community. Please vote ‘yes’ for SPLOST so we can provide a good quality of life for our residents and the folks who visit Brunswick and the Golden Isles.”

Pat Cooper, Real Estate Broker

“I served on the board of the joint water and sewer commission for several years so I truly understand the importance of infrastructure. If we don’t pass this SPLOST, we will get behind and that’s never good for infrastructure improvements because you have to double up to catch up. Which usually means an increase in millage rates.”

Ronnie Perry, Realtor

“Frankly, there are two ways to pay for much needed infrastructure improvements in Brunswick and Glynn County. Either we can pass the SPLOST referendum or we can likely expect an increase in property taxes. Let’s choose the fair way to move Glynn County forward.”

Bruce Dixon, Hotels Group Owner

“Flooding is a dangerous problem in parts of Brunswick and the planned use for a portion of SPLOST funds will address our drainage issues. Plus it will benefit recreation and parks and enable us to pave streets and extend sidewalks. Proceeds from the sales tax are spent throughout the county. With SPLOST, we’re all winners. We all receive benefits from this tax.”

Cedric King, Business Owner

“The SPLOST will create new jobs and fund important infrastructure projects, crucial storm drainage, road improvements, sidewalks, recreational facilities and so much more. Please vote ‘yes.’ SPLOST puts money back into our community to help everyone.”

John Perry, Pastor

“In the state of Georgia, there are only seven counties out of 159 that don’t have a SPLOST. That says something. A vast majority of counties would give anything to be in our situation - with 50% or more of the revenue coming from folks who live outside their county.”

Mike Hodges, Banker

“We have made substantial improvements in our infrastructure but there’s more work ahead of us as our county continues to grow. I support SPLOST because it’s the fair way to address many important needs without raising property taxes. Plus the SPLOST puts money back into our community to help everyone.”

Missy Neu, Real Estate Agent

“The SPLOST is very important for Glynn County’s future. Everyone will benefit from road improvements, infrastructure updates, parks and recreation upgrades and enhancements to public safety. With the SPLOST, our local economy will continue to thrive.”

Catina Tindall, Insurance Agency Owner

“Over the years, Glynn County has made hundreds of millions of dollars in improvements with SPLOST funding. It has allowed us to build infrastructure, improve roads, bolster tourism and enhance public safety while creating new jobs through economic development. And the big key here is that it’s a quality of life issue.”

M.H. “Woody” Woodside, Retired President - Chamber of Commerce

“We need to address our critical infrastructure needs now. The City of Brunswick and Glynn County will hire project managers to provide SPLOST oversight and to ensure the projects are completed in a timely manner, within budget. Now, more than ever, we need to work together to make these improvements countywide.”

Jimmy Arnold, Business Owner

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