SPLOST 2021 Public Safety Projects

These are the approved Public Safety projects to be funded by SPLOST 2021.

Breakdown of Projects

$ 0
Glynn County
$ 0
Jekyll Island
$ 0
City of Brunswick

Glynn County Projects

This is a joint-use station serving the airport and surrounding community. It is old and undersized. The cost of this station will be shared 50% with the FFA. New station needed to provide additional resources to respond to growth at airport and surrounding areas.

Budget: $3,500,000

Current courthouse at capacity with courts spread throughout the community, causing higher operating costs and not adequate for future needs. This will provide one location for all courts, cutting operational costs of upkeep and protection. Addresses future court needs in the future.

Budget: $2,000,000

FFA mandating safety improvements to meet current level of use.

Budget: $800,000

Jekyll Island Projects

Funds would rehabilitate and construct 7.44 miles of beachfront, riverfront, and interior bike paths.  All paths would meet bike path standards to ensure the biking experience on Jekyll Island remains one of the island’s greatest assets for locals and guests.

Budget: $1,500,000

Constructed in 1969, the Calm Creek Fishing Pier is heavily used by Glynn County fishermen and Golden Isles visitors alike. Two support pilings on the western side of the pier were initially damaged in a boating accident, and several storms have further degraded the area as unsafe.  The two pilings would be replaced and a new upgraded, ADA compliant handrail system installed to enhance public safety. 

Budget: $1,000,000

City of Brunswick Projects

Replacement of police vehicles and equipment to provide sufficient equipment to support public safety and community policing

Budget: $350,000

Replacement of fire truck and associated equipment and to enhance the capabilities of the fire services to address fires in larger, taller structures.

Budget: $1,100,000