SPLOST 2021 Infrastructure & Road Improvements Projects

These are the approved Infrastructure & Road Improvements projects to be funded by SPLOST 2021.

Breakdown of Projects

$ 0
Glynn County
$ 0
City of Brunswick

Glynn County Projects

North Harrington neighborhood is crowded with no sidewalks.

Budget: $450,000

No sidewalks on densely populated road causing safety issues for pedestrians.

Budget: $515,800

Broken sidewalk from College to the east towards the stadium.

Budget: $300,000

Assess and design intersection improvements considering all approaches to increase traffic capacity, flow and reduce wait times. Main intersection on SSI to the North End used by residents, workers and visitors.

Budget: $6,000,000

Continuation of widening of Canal Rd intersection improvements at the intersection of Canal Rd., Harry Driggers and Glynco Parkway. Increases capacity on Canal Rd and corrects issues at this dangerous intersection.

Budget: $5,000,000

Design of 4-lane parkway between Spur 25 and Hwy. 17. Provides 4-lane connection between Spur 25 and Hwy 17 providing 4 lane access to Airport and Industrial Park. Build out will be done in two phases.

Budget: $2,000,000

Gateway is at capacity and dangerous with significant backups. This will improve traffic flow onto and off of St. Simons. This is for design only.

Budget: $750,000

Need additional money for repaving roads throughout the county matching LMIG yearly grand from the state. This will repair deteriorating roads, improving safety. Helps create economy of scale allowing more roads to be repaved.

Budget: $3,000,000

City of Brunswick Projects

Repair and/or install concrete sidewalks

Budget: $300,000

Install streetscaping and other improvements to revitalize the Norwich Street Corridor.

Budget: $140,000

Prepare initial architectural and civil conceptual and design documents for construction of a vehicle parking structure in downtown


Budget: $300,000

Construction of Boardwalk Trail along Hwy 17, and other multi-use trail segments

Budget: $450,000

Resurface, pave and repair various city roads including portions of Altama Avenue and others as identified by Pavement Condition Assessment.

To repair roads that are deteriorated and in poor condition due to age, drainage, or other issues; to provide better streets for multimodal traffic.

Budget: $3,544,200